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PureVPN Software for Windows help and info

  • What is PureVPN software for Windows?

    Pure VPN is a software package which enables you to enjoy greater levels of privacy and anonymity when browsing the Internet. Thanks to enhanced security protocols, you will no longer have to be concerned about regionally restricted downloads.

  • How does a VPN system work?

    A virtual private network essentially "masks" your IP address by using a number of different server locations. Therefore, third-party websites are not able to track your location or collect personal information.

  • Are virtual private networks such as PureVPN legal to use?

    Virtual private networks are completely legal and a number of companies use them on a regular basis. However, be certain to confirm that the material you plan on downloading is not prohibited by law. Furthermore, always use trusted download locations in order to avoid files which may be corrupted.

  • Is PureVPN free for me to install?

    The basic version of PureVPN software for Windows is free. However, there are other packages available which will provide you with additional features. Softonic has provided you with a reliable link to the free download.

  • How safe is PureVPN in terms of viruses and other threats?

    The program itself has been vetted by the professionals at Softonic in order to confirm that no threats are present. However, you will need to confirm that any files you plan on downloading are also secure; PureVPN cannot protect against infected files.

  • What is the total file size associated with PureVPN for Windows?

    Your operating system will require 10.59 megabytes of free space in order for this system to function properly. Thus, it is one of the most lightweight virtual private network bundles on the market today.

  • Is there more than one download link for PureVPN software?

    There may be rare instances when the original Softonic download mirror is not working or experiencing a heavy amount of web traffic. In this case, simply scroll a bit lower in order to encounter an additional download link.

  • How many server locations are provided by PureVPN software for Windows?

    PureVPN currently utilises more than 500 different servers from around the world. Once the program has been installed, you can select from one of these links based off of your location as well as the availability. Switching servers takes only a few seconds.

  • How many devices can work together with PureVPN for Windows?

    This virtual private network is able to support up to five separate devices simultaneously. Therefore, you will not need to keep switching to different VPNs when you change systems (such as if you wish to access the same network with a mobile phone as well as with a tablet).

  • How many IP addresses are associated with PureVPN software for Windows?

    There are more than 88,000 different IP addresses offered by PureVPN. This ensures a higher degree of security and flexibility when compared to similar software packages. Please note that these IP addresses can be easily accessed if you happen to be at a public locations such as an Internet cafe.